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Por Do Sol Negroni

8 Jun

For Negroni Week my second drink of the day is a Por Do Sol courtesy of Imbibe.

The recipe is:


The end result is oh so bitter with a warmth and sweetness from the Cachaca.



Negroni Futurista

8 Jun

For Negroni Week I’m enjoying a Negroni Futurista from Gaz Regan‘s wonderful negroni book.

The recipe is:

  • 1 part Sloe gin
  • 1 part Fino sherry
  • 1 part Campari

All stirred over ice.


The end result is very bitter, dry and fruity – and very enjoyable.

Negroni Popsicles

8 Jun

In celebration of Negroni Week and the heatwave London’s having at the moment I made some Negroni Popsicles.

I used white/ yellow grapefruits hence the colour difference but they gave them an added bitterness which is great to counteract the sugar in the recipe.


These are amazing and I’ll be sure to always have some on standby this summer.


Caricature Cocktail 

7 Jun

Enjoying Negroni Week with this caricature cocktail from Gaz Regan’s wonderful negroni book .The recipe is:

  • 1 1/2 gin
  • 1/2 sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 fresh grapefruit
  • 1/2 Campari
  • 3/4 Cointreau

The result is a grapefruity Negroni with less of a bitter kick but nicely moreish

Bottle-Aging Negroni

19 Apr

I’ve read a lot about bottle and barrel-aging drinks and finally today got around to making my own.
I’m wary of barrel-aging as I don’t want to risk any nausea brought on by a whiskey contaminated barrel so have stuck with bottle-aging.

I made a classic 1-1-1 Negroni using Only Gin (I wanted one I had enough if to make this and still have plenty left over for comparison tasting in a few months.

Now the waiting begins…


Blood Orange Negroni

15 Mar

Another day, another Negroni variation.

This time the spotting of some blood orange juice when buying food led me to get to try a new recipe. With less Campari and Vermouth but 1oz of blood orange juice to make up the shortfall: this is a Blood Orange Negroni


The recipe is:
– 1oz gin
– 1/2 oz Campari
– 1/2 oz Vermouth
-1oz blood orange juice

The result is obviously very similar to a Negroni but a fresher, lighter version.

The Campari still has a kick- in fact maybe more so. I’ve come to find in these Negroni versions that use less of it the Campari stands out more rather than just being a sweet and bitter overwhelming component. The use of less of it helps it make more of an impact as a flavour component.

The juice allows the drink to be the same length but with alcohol both in its potency and taste.

Perfect as a summer version of a Negroni or want one to sip for longer without it feeling or tasting so much of an aperitif.

Campari Shandy

8 Mar

My second try at a beer cocktail for 52 weeks of Mixology is a Campari Shandy.


The recipe is easy:
2oz Campari
12oz beer
Lime wedge squeezed in

The taste is great- the Campari is still apparent but muted somewhat. The beer lightens and refreshes the drink and stops the Campari being so heavy or cloying.

This would be a great way to introduce someone to Campari and is a drink I’ll return to.

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