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Kew Orangery Triple Sec

12 Mar

Triple Sec is a sweet orange-flavoured liqueur which is used a lot in cocktails to add sweetness and flavour. On its own it’s often very sweet, syrupy and cloying, and something I generally avoid, but I’m glad I took a chance on this as it’s absolutely lovely.

It comes in beautiful packaging which hints at its taste and difference from other Triple Secs.

When opened you’re hit with a fresh citrus smell full of orange oils – as though someone has just peeled an orange next to you. Even better the taste matches up.

Fresh and full of citrus oil (so much so that my lips were tingling for hours after) this is delicious over ice and also very tasty with tonic water.

If you want something that tastes of summer bottled then you can buy it here (or elsewhere on the internet) or pop to the beautiful Kew Gardens for the day and treat yourself to some on the way out.

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