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Tiger Tail Ice-Cream

23 Jun

I’m travelling in Canada at the moment and we’ve popped out for a walk and some ice-cream. Usually I’d be unable to resist the lure of coffee ice-cream but once I’d spotted Tiger Tail on the menu and been told it was a mix of liquorice and orange there’s was no way that wasn’t going to be what I ordered.


It lived up to its promise and was a weird mix of liquorice and orange that bemused my tastebuds but pleased them at the same time. Sadly it left an awful lingering plastic and rubber after-taste but I’m hoping that was just this brand and that if I ever see it on the menu again I can try it and fall in love.

Or maybe one day I’ll even make it.



25 Apr

Last year we were delighted to discover Mark Burger in Manhattan, New York.


Sliders and Guinness milkshake

Sliders and Guinness milkshake

Over the course of our trip we dined many times on sliders, and Guinness milkshakes, and on the first evening of our trip back this year it seemed fitting to begin our visit to the city exactly as we left it last time.

The internet is full of recipes for making your on Guinness milkshake and most involve boiling Guinness to reduce it to a syrup, adding sugar if desired, and combining this with ice-cream in a blender.

Being far too lazy for that, and wanting more of the taste of Guinness,  I had a lot of success last year simpy adding the stout to ice-cream and blending.

I can also report that it also works well, and is very popular, with Amaretto, Baileys… and more.


Give it a try and make your summer!

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