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RARE Bar and Grill

1 May

Whilst in New York I’m having some medical treatment that’s painful and exhausting so in the importance of pain relief and protein for healing brunch today was at Rare Bar & Grill.

The meal began with an old-fashioned ( which I admit in a moment of feeling sorry for myself I chose mainly for the cherry) and continued with a steak, chive mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

The food and drink were great and the cutlery ridiculous- it was just the cure I needed to set me up for the rest of the day.




Callooh Callay Sweet Menu Launch

3 Oct

Normally I stay away from whisky and sweet drinks but an invite to the opening of ‘The Candy Store’ at Callooh Callay proved irresistible even though it was billed as ‘whisky, cocktails and candy.

The menu of course featured lots of treats but sadly the one I was most interested in, featuring liquorice, wasn’t yet ready so we had to instead dive into the sweeter side of things.

Due to a combination of heading off soon after to another bar and the physical menu here being entirely edible I can’t give you names of what we enjoyed but rest assured we did enjoy them and will be back.



I apologise for the poor mobile photos- it was all much more tempting than I’ve made it look!


Shaken Cocktails- Manhattan

23 Sep

I love cocktails and I love getting things in the post so when I first heard about Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post I signed up ASAP.

The premise is that for £29 a month (or save £5 on your first one by clicking here! ) you’ll be sent all the ingredients to make two different but related cocktails (at least 2 of each one) along with the recipes and extra information.

Today my first package arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed with the contents. The kit contained whiskey, 2 different sweet vermouths (Noilly Prat and Antica Formula) as well as a dry (Noilly Prat) Cognac, 2 different bitters (Angostura and Bob’s orange) as well as brandied cherries and a jigger.


The basic Manhattan recipe (given in a much more detailed format in the booklet included) is from Felix Cohen of Manhattans Project:

  • 40mm of Rye whiskey
  • 10ml red Antica Formula
  • 5ml dry Noilly Prat
  • A dash of each of the bitters


The resulting drink was fantastic- a marked improvement on previous Manhattan’s I’ve had. Strong, sweet and bitter I’ve already added this to my favourite cocktails list

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