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15 Feb

If ever I’m craving a specific drink it’s inevitably this one.
If ever I fancy a drink and don’t know what to make it’s this I turn to.
And if anyone asks me what my favourite drink is, although I’m not sure I really have one, this name is always what I answer

It’s a Negroni- simple to make, easy to source all the ingredients and ways delicious.


I first had one of these at Quo Vadis (if you order one there it’s worth asking if you can have it without one of their ridiculously large ice-balls that make it impossible to enjoy your drink) and although I’ve had many since I don’t think anyone does them better

The recipe is simple- equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth stirred together with ice- so can be whipped up in a matter of seconds.

The taste is equal parts sweet and bitter with a strong fruit/ citrus flavour reminiscent of orange or grapefruit,

Though perfect as an aperitif this drink can be enjoyed at any time and if needed can be lengthened with orange or grapefruit juice or even soda or tonic water


Tuscan Shandy

25 Oct

Another great thing about Incanto is that they introduced us to a great non-alcoholic drink- the Tuscan Shandy.

The Tuscan Shandy

The Tuscan Shandy

It may be known by other names but a Google search is getting me so where so as well as stealing their drink recipe (or my guess at it) I’m stealing their name.

The ingredients are simple: equal parts lemonade, ginger beer & orange juice. Add a dash (or a big glug if you’re me) of Angostura Bitters and serve over ice- refreshing and tasty heaven in a glass.

I’ve learnt over time that orange juice with no ‘bits’ or long-life from concentrate is best to stop it ‘separating’ and all the ‘bits’ floating to the top.

Over this summer we seemed to have a large jug of it permanently in the fridge and it’s a great standby for when friends are round and you want to serve more than regular soft drinks to anyone who wants some non-alcoholic hydration.

All the ingredients can be kept in the cupboard and just stirred with ice at a moments notice making it a great go to.

Back To Incanto

14 Oct

I’m always looking for an excuse to visit Incanto and a friend coming to visit was just perfect.

As always the service and atmosphere was fantastic and we were keen to try out the new menu and the new chef.

Of course we weren’t disappointed.

Two of us chose the set menu and one the a la carte- both are amazing value and offer so much choice we struggled to make any decisions.

Once we’d finally ordered we were treated to some wonderful bread (I really can’t rave about the bread this restaurant serves nearly enough) an amouse bouche of a soup plus an incredible concoction of (I’m guessing now as I can’t remember all the ingredients) cracked rice and egg yolk. It was savoury, salty and delicious- imagine a more flavourful, textured and nuanced cracking and you’d be on the right track.

A dirty martini accompanied by the delicious bread and amazing concoction

A dirty martini accompanied by the delicious bread and amazing concoction

I began with Roasted leek and gruyere cheese soup served with garlic croutons (this soup was outstanding. I expected it to be ‘chunky’ but it was as smooth and textured as milk but the amount of flavour packed into the misleadingly thin liquid was incredible).

My main course was Guinea fowl breast, salted baked celeriac, smoked potato purée, caramelised onions. This was cooked to perfection and the different textures and flavours worked really well together.

Guinea fowl breast, salted baked celeriac, smoked potato purée, caramelised onions

Guinea fowl breast, salted baked celeriac, smoked potato purée, caramelised onions

Lastly we all shared Conference pear, pistachio granola, salted caramel ice cream and Textures of mandarin, burnt honey cream, honeycomb. Both were exquisite and we were sad to be so full we couldn’t finish them between us.




28 Sep

A visit to my sister in East London offered us the opportunity to try somewhere new to eat tonight and after a bit of Googling (and discovering the amazing phrase ‘Mareditch’ made in an effort to bring spread some of the hipster vibe from Shoreditch to Mare St) we settled on Rita’s.

I began with a Palmero (Tequila, Campari and grapefruit soda) which was refreshing, bitter and tasty. The perfect drink to cleanse my palate and whet my appetite for the food.


Rita's cocktail menu

Rita’s cocktail menu


The Palermo

The Palmero


To eat I chose steak which came with horseradish sauce and a green salsa. The entire plate was delicious with the salsa and horseradish both brimming with fresh flavours and accompanying the perfectly cooked steak well.

The steak main course

The steak main course

As a side dish we shared green chili macaroni and cheese which was a combination that really worked with the chili adding a mild heat and fresh flavour to cut through the rich cheese sauce.

For desert we shared Dulce De Leche beignets and foie gras. The Foie Gras was shaved onto the hot beignet and melted in and its saltiness paired well with the sweet desert, when you could taste it, and although we all enjoyed it we agreed it needed more to really work.

All in all we loved the food and drink and if you’re looking for something a bit different amongst the great Turkish restaurants and the abundance of chicken shops then Rita is somewhere to head for.



Hix at Selfridges

4 Sep

After a nightmare day shopping in the West End Hix at Selfridges seems like a magical oasis.
Situated within the store, looking down on the noise and chaos below, you manage to seem removed from it all and the space amazingly feels private despite all that’s around you.

With an extensive drinks list, and some tempting cocktails on offer, I began with a cocktail containing watermelon and chili. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the menu and their website is very out of date so I can’t tell you what it was but I was long, fresh and tasteful with just a subtle hit of warmth. It went perfectly with the smoked salmon and soda bread i ordered.


One drink wasn’t enough so I ordered a Negroni and even though what I got annoyingly had one of those ubiquitous overly large ice-balls the drink itself was good.

If ever you find yourself in the west end and need an escape and/ or a drink then this is a friendly and satisfying place to head to.

Quo Vadis

21 Jul

Quo Vadis in Soho has long been one of my favourite places to go. Sadly between it being slightly more awkward to get to now we’ve moved and geenral travelling and busy-ness we don’t go as much as we used to.

The food, drink and service are alays exceptional and no their ‘theatre set’ menu runs all evening it’s an affordable option for a fantastic experience.

Tonight we began with a Gin & tonic and a Hemingway’s Breakfast (Belvedere grapefruit, maraschino, grapefruit, lime)


Then I had chilled pea soup followed by roast goose- all delicious and all worth making a trip for.



Back to Incanto

25 Mar

It’s 80 hours since we were there but we were pleased to be back at Incanto
The risotto was so good the other day I had to have it again and followed it with hake and then despite being tempted by the panacotta the lure of the rhubarb was too strong to resist.



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