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Wandering Scotsman

21 Mar

My review of this cocktail from last months Shaken Cocktails kit comes with a disclaimer – I hate Whisky.
Or more accurately it hates me. Something in it makes me nauseous at s minimum (as does anything smoked/ peaty or truffles- if anyone knows the link please let me know!) it never used to and I miss it dearly

But this drink sounded so good I thought, in the interests of science of course, I’d at least give it a ago. And it was worth it.


The recipe is:
– 50ml Whisky
– 10ml Velvet Falernum
– 15ml Aperol
– 10 drops Angostura bitters
All stirred over ice

The end result was delicious- warming and slightly spicy. Whisky with a hint of Orange with a great spiced ‘burn’ as the aftertaste.
Well worth it.


Elderflower Collins

17 Mar

The second cocktail in this months Shaken Cocktails kit is a Elderflower Collins (I’m not sure why this is in the Negroni box especially as I was hoping for another Negroni variation which is the pattern the boxes usually take but hey ho)


The recipe is:
– 30ml lemon juice
– 45ml gin
– 15ml sugar syrup
– 15ml St Germain elderflower liqueur

The resulting drink was very sharp with a fruity, floral hint but perhaps needed more elderflower to balance it- I Like sharp and bitter drinks but this was a bit much. I’ll experiment when I make the next one.

New Negroni recipe

10 Mar

My Shaken Cocktails box arrived yesterday and knowing it was based on a Negroni I was eager to dive in.


The box contains:
– Dodd’s gin
– Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
– Cynar
– St-germain
– Sugar syrup
– recipes for two different cocktails and the ingredients are enough to make 2-3 of each one
All for the amazing price of £24!!
I’m really behind in writing this blog as there’s never enough hours in the day but I’ve got months worth of posts raving about Shaken Cocktails to upload but suffice to say I really recommend them. For just £24 a month you get to make 4 cocktails (though in my experience it’s usually at least 6) learn new recipes and techniques, discover new favourites (I’m addicted to the Margarita and Daiquiris & their variations I’ve discovered) and try new ingredients- all in the comfort if your own home.

Continuing my recent Negroni theme I decided to dive in and try that first as the recipe used was a new one to me and I was intrigued to see how it compared, with its use of Cynar, to the Stolen Negroni and Negroni Tredici I recently wrote about.

The included recipe is:
– 30ml gin
– 30ml Cocchi
– 15ml Cynar

All stirred over ice and more Cynar added if needed


The resulting drink is delicious. The smaller amount of Cynar makes fir a more rounded drink- it’s less overpowered by the herbal bitterness.
The sweet, flavourful vermouth also adds to the drink and brings a fruitful aspect.
This vermouth is new to me but I’ll be interested to try it again.

In conclusion out of all my recent Negroni variation experiments this one comes closest to challenging the original.

Shaken Cocktails- Poisoned Oak

21 Dec

Followinf on from yesterday’s post the second cocktail in the latest Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post kit is a Poisoned Oak, again from  Trailer Happiness (and if I ever needed an incentive to visit them these two cocktails have been more the enough)

The recipe (and as always a lot more detailed and descriptive in the kit) is:

  • Juice of a lime
  • 2 level teaspoons of eucalyptus sugar (stirred into the lime)
  • 50ml white rum
  • 5ml Maraschino
  • 5ml Pomegranate molasses

All shaken over plenty of ice


The end result- wow! I thought yesterday’s was good but this was even better. The mix of sweet, sour and tangy is lip-smackingly good and the combination of flavours means it’s a drink that keeps you coming back for more. It has a real rum hit but the mix of other flavours perfectly compliments this and they are all well balanced. A winner.


Shaken Cocktails- Daiquiri

20 Dec

Moving house has meant I haven’t had a chance to use all the Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post kits I’ve received but when the latest one popped through our letterbox we wasted no time in trying it.


Daiquiris are often on a menu as something frozen, sweet, artificial and out of a packet so I have long avoided them. But this one promises rum with fresh ingredients so we took no convincing to try it.

The recipe, from Trailer Happiness, (and as always a lot more detailed and descriptive in the kit) is:

  • Juice of a lime
  • 2 level teaspoons of caster sugar (stirred into the lime)
  • 50ml white rum

All shaken over plenty of ice


The end result- amazing! It was fresh and flavourful with a real rum kick and the balance of sweet and sour was perfect. This is a drink I know I’ll return to again and again now I have tasted it in its purest form (and writing this weeks later this has now become a go-to drink when anyone comes over and it proves endlessly popular) For a drink that is so simple to make it has a taste that belies that and will keep you coming back for more. I can’t wait to try it with a dark rum and see the difference.

Shaken Cocktails- Harvard

24 Sep

Following yesterday’s post about my  Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post kit tonight I made the second cocktail in the kit- a Harvard.


This one used:

  • 40ml Cognac
  • 10ml of red Antica Formula
  • A dash of each of the bitters

The dirnk itsef was lighter than the Manhattan and without the whisky smokiness and we loved it. Another hit from Shaken Cocktails and Felix Cohen!

Don’t forget that if you want to sign up for your own delivery you can or save £5 on your first one by clicking here

Shaken Cocktails- Manhattan

23 Sep

I love cocktails and I love getting things in the post so when I first heard about Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post I signed up ASAP.

The premise is that for £29 a month (or save £5 on your first one by clicking here! ) you’ll be sent all the ingredients to make two different but related cocktails (at least 2 of each one) along with the recipes and extra information.

Today my first package arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed with the contents. The kit contained whiskey, 2 different sweet vermouths (Noilly Prat and Antica Formula) as well as a dry (Noilly Prat) Cognac, 2 different bitters (Angostura and Bob’s orange) as well as brandied cherries and a jigger.


The basic Manhattan recipe (given in a much more detailed format in the booklet included) is from Felix Cohen of Manhattans Project:

  • 40mm of Rye whiskey
  • 10ml red Antica Formula
  • 5ml dry Noilly Prat
  • A dash of each of the bitters


The resulting drink was fantastic- a marked improvement on previous Manhattan’s I’ve had. Strong, sweet and bitter I’ve already added this to my favourite cocktails list

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