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Advent 2017 – Day 10

10 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Seagram’s Premium Tonic Water

This smells like good old tonic water and taste-wise it hits that spot too. Bitter with lots of quinine but with an unusual bittersweet tang. Like biting into lemon-soaked caramelised pineapple!

With gin this was really nice. All the flavours we’d picked up drinking it straight we’re still there but now with added-depth from the gin.

I wasn’t expecting much from this (especially when the only internet links I could seem to find were amazon & coca-cola’s website) but I think this might be my new favourite tonic water- now I just need to find somewhere I can actually buy it!

Seraph Sauvignon Blanc

This smells of gooseberries and sweet white grapes.

When tasted it’s dry but not tart and was perfectly pleasant. Strong enough to hold its own with food but perfect by itself also


Advent 2017 – Day 9

9 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Indi Lemon Tonic

Wow- what a smell! Fizzy Lemon sherbet sweets and zingy limes- fresh but with a hint of sweetshops

Taste wise it’s lovely. Lemony but with the smooth mouthfeel from yuzu so it’s less sharp than it could be and the better for it.

With gin it’s very nice. An updated, more layered version of a gin and bitter lemon. It doesn’t have the bitterness or woodiness I would expect from a tonic water but once you put that out of your mind this is a lovely drink.

De Martino Reserva Enigma 5

This has a strong full-bodied scent with lots of dark berries and dark spices. The smell rises out of the glass and envelopes you.

When drunk the wine lives up to its promises. Hardy enough to match strong food this delicious wine is smooth yet strong. Fruity but not sweet. Absolutely delicious

Advent 2017 – Day 8

8 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

1724 Tonic

This takes its name from the altitude where they harvest the key component of tonic water – quinine.

This has a lovely light and fresh scent and to taste it’s just the same. Light on bitterness it has no bubbles but isn’t flat. Nice to drink but nothing outstanding.

With gin it went well and was less overpowered than we expected. The bitterness came through more as did a strong lemon taste and acidity and it made a thoroughly nice G&T.

The Black Pig 2017 Chardonnay (nowhere to be found on the internet but by this maker)

On the nose this is buttery and light. Warm pears and almonds.

To taste it lived up to the smell. Not sweet but not dry this was a lovely white wine which was delicious with food and by itself- the nicest white wine I’ve ever had

Advent 2017 – Day 7

7 Dec

Poachers Citrus Tonic Water

This has a lovely, strong, rosemary scent with a slightly citrus hint. Herbal, savoury and inviting.

By itself it’s lovely. Only slightly bitter the rosemary is really nice. It’s slightly bubbly and not sweet at all- a drink I’d return to again and again.

With gin it’s very nice but the rosemary is somewhat overpowered- next time I’d use more tonic so I could enjoy the taste. But it’s bitterness stands up and combines very nicely with gin. It’s herbal, savoury taste would make this great as an aperitif tonic.

Reino De Altuzzarra Tinto

This smells of dark berries, musky spices and wood.

It’s taste matches the smell. Deep and strong but smooth with no tannin aftertaste or mouth drying.

Absolutely lovely and I’d love some bottles for further drinking!

Advent 2017 – Day 6

6 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Ledger’s Tangerine Tonic Water

On the nose this is very light with a subtle fruit scent. Nothing easily identifiable and we guessed at lychees or peaches.

When tasted it was the same. Soft and slightly sweet. Vaguely fruity and maybe citrusy but nothing obvious and nothing to sell it.

With gin it disappeared other than that slight sweetness.

It wasn’t offensive but nothing to make this something I’d return to.

Dragon Hills Pinot Grigio

On the nose this is fresh, dry, with the slight acidity of crispy apples .

When tasted it’s sweeter than expected but not sweet.

It’s light and dry but not as dry or acidic as the smell led us to believe. Enjoyable and I’d love this with cheese & biscuits!

Advent 2017 – Day 5

5 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Ledger’s Licorice Tonic Water

This has a fantastic smell of sweet liquorice with lots of fennel – very tempting!

I’m a liquorice lover so was looking forward to this but the smell even tempted the liquorice-haters (until I told them it was liquorice that is!)

Tasted by itself this is delicious. Liquorice and bitter tonic combine well and the very subtle sweetness works very nicely.

With gin it’s still nice but it overpowers the gin quite a bit. Not so much that there’s no point having the gin, which has happened with some of the tonics, but in future I’d use it much more sparingly

16 Little Black Pigs rose 2017 (link is to 2016)

This smells lovely. Sweetish and fruity. Figs and warm apricots.

Taste wise it lives up to its smell but is more watered-down than its smell leads you to expect but enjoyable and goes down very easily

Advent 2017 – Day 4

4 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic

This has a lovely floral scent with a sweet hint reminiscent of refresher or Fruit Salad sweets.

By itself it’s floral, fruity and sweet (but not too sweet) with a slight hint of bitterness. It’s refreshing with no artificial taste or aftertaste. This is a really nice drink that makes a lovely adult alternative to a soft drink.

With gin it’s more overpowering and 2/3 of us didn’t like the combination of sweet with the gin but one of us loved it- so it’s going to be personal preference as whether you like that combo

Reino De Altuzzarra Blano

I can’t find a link for this so it maybe just for the advent calendar but you can find others from the same makers here.

The smell is very light and with only a slightly floral/ elderflower hint.

The taste is slightly dry again with a hint of elderflower.

It was subtle, inoffensive and quaffable but with nothing to recommend it or make me choose it again

Ledger’s Tonic water with cinnamon

This has a strong smell of coca-cola and never in a million years would any of us have identified cinnamon in its smell or taste.

By itself it’s cola-y with a hint of sasparilla and subtle on the bitterness. There’s almost no fizz to it but it doesn’t taste or feel flat.

In a G&T became more bitter, herbal and savoury and it really got my saliva glands & gastric juices going. Whilst not dry it would definitely work as a digestif after a meal or when you’ve over indulged

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