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Chambord & Blackberries

19 Aug

It’s August and the sun is out. I’ve eaten my fill of all the fresh berries I’ve bought recently so with the few that remain I’m looking to make a drink.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be too many recipes out there using fresh blackberries and so I have to improvise by muddling 10 blackberries in a glass with some brown sugar. I then added plenty of Chambord raspberry liquer (howmuch depends on how sweet you want it but I began with 1 oz and went upwards from there) and topped it up with gin (again beginning with 1 oz depending on taste) and added ice and then a touch of Prosecco to add sparkle and keep it light and summery.

Chambord and blackberries

Chambord and blackberries

The delicious result

The delicious result



Zucca Rabarbaro

11 Jan

Until recently Zucca Rabarbaro was unknown to me. But I love rhubarb and when I spotted it whilst browsing Masters of Malt (as you do) I couldn’t resist adding a botle to my cart. If that is out of stock they also have plenty of other Zuccas available.

According to Wikipedia,  Zucca is an Italian aperitif with a base of rhubarb often mixed with ice and water.


On its own the drink is slightly bitter with a strong burnt sugar taste. It tastes ‘dark’ and the sweetness is cut through with a mild bitterness and a treacy/ burnt sugar taste which is very pleasant. The smell and taste are like a much milder Campari but with less herbs and bitters. A nice dirnk which I would imagine would appeal to more palates than Campari does.


I wanted a longer drink with a bit of fizz and fortunately had some Prosecco in the fridge so combined the two so see what I got and was really pleased. The Prosecco easy overpowered the Zucca though so it needed a lot more than you would think. Combined they made a refreshing and unusual drink.

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