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Home Made Guacamole

4 Jul

I can’t rave about  Rosa Mexicano‘s guacamole nearly enough. Made fresh in front of you this is unlike any you’ll have eaten before.

They have kindly put their recipe online and I make use of it a lot- it’s so quick to make and tastes amazing- try it and see.


Chop white onions...

Chop white onions…

Pound to a paste with coriander, jalapeno (optional) and salt...

Pound to a paste with coriander, jalapeno (optional) and salt…

until you have a paste

Until you have a paste…


Fresh and flavourful tomatoes...

Fresh and flavourful tomatoes…

are chopped...

are chopped…

Avocados are diced...

Avocados are diced…

All are mixed into the paste... and then devoured

All are mixed into the paste… and then devoured




Rosa Mexicano

7 May

There are many reason I could recommend Rosa Mexicano– their decor and drinks being just two.

Some of Rosa Mexicano's decor

Some of Rosa Mexicano’s decor

But the main one, and the one that it was sold to us on is their guacamole.

The guacamole!

The guacamole!

Made fresh in front of you, and with a choice as to its spiciness, it is incredible. Fresh, tasty, salty, creamy and moreish if you ever get there I heartily recommend it. We always seem to go at least twice when in New York and it’s not unknown for us to just order two bowls of this.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get to the restaurant then they have kindly put their recipe online and fortunately it’s just as good- I and numerous guests I’ve fed it to over the years can attest to this.


Pinche Taqueria

2 May

We discovered Pinche Taqueria on our trip to New York last year as we walked by it on a day out and soon returned the next day to feast on their freshly cooked Mexican food. So a return visit this year was definitely on the cards and today we managed it.

Their menu encompasses a wide range of freshly made dishes and many specials for lunch etc.

This year we dined on fish tacos, yucca fries, quesadillas and tamales all washed down with Negra Modelo.

Our Pinche Taqueria feast

Our Pinche Taqueria feast

I am eternally in search of somewhere in London that produces fresh, flavourful Mexican food such as this with it being so anglicised and carb-laiden beyond all recognition. I can only dream.


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