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Elderflower Collins

17 Mar

The second cocktail in this months Shaken Cocktails kit is a Elderflower Collins (I’m not sure why this is in the Negroni box especially as I was hoping for another Negroni variation which is the pattern the boxes usually take but hey ho)


The recipe is:
– 30ml lemon juice
– 45ml gin
– 15ml sugar syrup
– 15ml St Germain elderflower liqueur

The resulting drink was very sharp with a fruity, floral hint but perhaps needed more elderflower to balance it- I Like sharp and bitter drinks but this was a bit much. I’ll experiment when I make the next one.


Ikea Shopping

22 Sep

I’m always on the look out for different drinks so a trip to IKEA was no exception.

I managed to bag elderflower, rhubarb and blueberry cordials to use in future cocktails as well as a new dark beer they sell. As you can see the beer didn’t last long enough for the photo!


The beer has a smooth caramel and coffee taste but was a lot lighter/ less substantial than other dark beers but I wouldn’t turn it down.

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