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Negroni Week 2017 – Trade Winds NegroniĀ 

28 Jun

Negroni Week continues and tonight I’m enjoying a Trade Winds Negroni which is equal parts sweet vermouth, Cointreau and Angostura Bitters (yes really!)

It smells amazing and tastes even better. Spicy, slightly bitter, aromatic and booze- heaven


Negroni Week 2017 – Negroni Sour

6 Jun

It’s Negroni Week and I’m finally having my first of the week: a Negroni Sour.

-dry shake all the ingredients for a Negroni and an egg white with the whisk from a Hawthorne strainer

-add ice cubes and shake like mad

– if the egg white has taken away too much sour for your liking then add some in with lemon juice or some drops of these fab sour bitters from Bar 40 Bitters

– enjoy!

The drink is simply a Negroni with the added froth & silkiness that the egg white provides – delicious 

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