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Flavoured Vodka Part Two

24 Oct

Searching for flavoured vodka on the internet brings up many ready-made concoction (birthday cake flavour anyone?) and lots of recipes that involves simply adding skittles to bottles of vodka but the main points of praise for these seems to be you end up with coloured sugar water- not what I’m looking for.

But in the interests of research – and those with a sweeter tooth than mine- I’m going to make one of the popular variations on the internet- Werther’s Original Vodka.

The recipe is simple enough- crush up 1/2 small pack of the sweets (this turned out to be 13 of them) and add to 350ml of vodka.

A lot of the recipes involve putting the whole bottled concoction into a dishwasher to speed up the process but I have 8 days until we’ll be drinking this so I’ve got time to let them naturally dissolve. If after 5 or so days it’s not happening I may rethink and use heat to speed it all up.


The crushed sweets added to the vodka

The crushed sweets added to the vodka



Flavoured Vodka Part One

23 Oct

I’m planning a vodka tasting evening soon (it’ll be a blind tasting ) and though I’ve gathered a few different ones for us to try I thought it’d be good to make done of my own.

A lot of Googling has brought me a varied list I thought I’d attempt and today I began the process of making¬† them.

Today’s varieties are carrot, tomato and liquorice.

I’m just using 350 ml of vodka for each one as in total there will be at least 14 different ones and I doubt we’ll get through 750ml of each!

The basic recipes I’ve gone for are:

1 1/2 large carrots peeled (this us optional) and then finely ribboned. This was placed in a large glass jar and 350ml of vodka poured over.

1/2 pound of tomatoes each one cut into 8 pieces and placed in large glass jar. 350ml of vodka poured over.

I bought some delicious bars of liquorice and cut up 2 1/2 bars into z jar and poured 350 ml of vodka over.

I’m going test each over every day (shaking to mix) and see how the flavours develop. I’m expecting the carrot and tomato ones to be mixing for a week or so but the liquorice I may just leave for a day or do.

I’ll post back with the results as they develop.


Todays potions

Todays potions



18 hours in-
Carrot and tomato are developing taste of their ingredients. Liquorice has full taste and colour so I’ve strained it through a coffee filter and bottled it to prevent the taste getting too overpowering if I left it any longer.


Straining the liquorice

Straining the liquorice

The liquorice all bottled

The liquorice all bottled

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