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Porthmeor Beach Cafe

28 Apr

Having visited this cafe before I was eager to return to Porthmeor Beach Cafe on my trip to Cornwall- and we weren’t disappointed.

The food is always fresh and very tasty (the tapas menu of smaller items allows you to choose a few different things to try) and the bread with confit garlic and olive oil was so wonderful we had to order a second round.

Drinks are good with a nice G&T list- I opted for the Spanish version which came full of fresh fruit and was perfect for the sunny day.





Saxon + Parole

28 Apr

Since first discovering  Saxon + Parole  nearly 4 years ago we just can’t seem to stay away from here.

Tonight we vere on our way back when we popped in for a drink and a snack and bam- some of the best food and drink we’ve ever had.

Give me a place that makes a celery gimlet and specially flavoured butter to match the bread, then serves it alongside specially chosen salt, and that’s a place that has my heart.

Killer bread, butter and salt plus a celery gimlet

Killer bread, butter and salt plus a celery gimlet


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