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Advent 2018 – Day 8

11 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Savvie Sauvignon Blanc

This wine was included last year (twice!) and got mixed reviews from us so I was intrigued to see how we liked it this time…

Sadly it was very acidic when first tried but when tried again with some cheese and charcuterie it was better- but still with a hint of heartburn.

Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Tonic Water

I love rhubarb and was so pleased to find a rhubarb tonic.

When tasted by itself this is like a mix of Refreshers sweets and chewing on a raw rhubarb stick – unusual and intriguing. It smelt strongly artificial and sweet, and tasted of it, but whilst it was unusual I didn’t hate it

Sadly which gin this was awful. I love bitterness but this was bitter with none of the pleasure. Flat & dead bitter with a really strong artificial smell and taste. I kept coming back to it to remind myself just how bad it was.


Advent 2018 -Day 9

11 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Perez Cruz La Higuera Block 2015 (2016 here)

This is a full-bodied red wine with moderate tannin. It’s big-hearted with a lot of depth and full of flavour. This stands up to food without overpowering it – a great wine.

Lixir Elderflower & Lemon Tonic Water

This has a strong smell of elderflower and sweetness and when tasted by itself it’s the same. There’s so real bitterness, just sharp and sweet.

With gin it dies down and loses a lot of sweetness but isn’t particularly nice. Whilst it wasn’t bad enough to stop drinking it I wouldn’t order it again.

Advent 2018 – Day 6

9 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

16 Little Black Pigs Chardonnay

This is a quite nice Chardonnay with moderate acidity (but quite high when very cold). It’s light but has some body. All in all it was a nice drink but no way near as last as the Chardonnay included last year as it was too acidic and less buttery

East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic

This has a great smell of grapefruit rind and pith but when tasted it’s… odd.

It’s slightly bitter and tastes of the rind and pith it smells of but there’s something else. It’s hard to describe but it’s perfumed, and odd. At first I hated it but the more I tasted it the more it grew on me and by the end I wanted more.

I just wish I could put my finger on what the familiar taste is…

Advent 2018 – Day 7

7 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

X Marks The Spot Malbec 2017

This is a very smooth red wine with lots of fruit and lightness and a medium tannin level. It’s just full-bodied but also strangely tastes as thought watered down.

It’s very drinkable but nothing to mark it out as special.

The London Essence Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic Water

This smells very floral and perfumed. By itself that’s what it tastes like. Though it has the astringency of citrus oils there’s no obvious blood orange, or any citrus, taste.

When mixed with gin the floral dies down somewhat but it is still on the sweet & perfumed side of tonic and lacks any really bitterness.

Advent 2018 – Day 5

6 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

La Fama Cabernet Sauvignon

A very nice red wine with a lot of body and fruitiness and a low level of tannin. This is very easy to drink and whilst not a ‘wow’ I would definitely drink it again.

Lixor Classic Indian Tonic Water

This is a very fizzy tonic which was a bit too sweet for my personal preference but has a delicious bitter aftertaste.

Advent 2018 – Day 3

4 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Les Hautes Terrasses Cotes du Rhone

This is a very drinkable full- bodied red wine with a lot of lightness and fruit. It has just a nice amount of tannins to give it depth without being mouth-drying or bitter.

Weisswange Black Tonic Water

This tonic has activated charcoal which gives it its unusual colour but has no discernible aroma or taste.

It’s a very fizzy tonic when opened and poured and it’s quite strange to see the black/ dark green bubbles froth up but, once they die down and you taste it, this is a deliciously bitter tonic.

It’s got a lot of depth to it and it stand up to a gin and enhances it. This is a tonic I’d like to return to again but seeing as the charcoal has no influence on the taste and makes the drink look ridiculous and unappetising I’m not sure if I’d ever order it in public without feeling like a dick.

Advent 2018 – Day 4

4 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Billy Bosch Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2018 (2017 here)

This wine smells of very green sour apples and elderflower but in such a light way we expected good things. But when drunk it was so acidic that we weren’t happy finishing it. Not as bad as some of the wine included last year, which was undrinkable, but no pleasure for our tastebuds

East Imperial Burma Tonic Water

This is a perfectly pleasant tonic which is fairly mild when drunk but with a nice bitter aftertaste.

It had nothing to mark it out in any way other than it being nice!

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