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Chocolate Stout

12 Mar

Continuing my search for a beer cocktail I experimented this evening with Guinness and chocolate and made this drink I’ve titled Chocolate Stout.


Although I like chocolate I don’t love the sugary varieties so usually plump for 85% plus but this Sweet Freedom Chocolate Shot is perfect for a chocolate hit. Its ingredients are just Sweet FreedomĀ® (natural fruit extracts; apples, grapes & carob), water, cocoa, rapeseed oil and natural chocolate flavour . I used it in coffee to make a mocha and on ice-cream as a sauce- this is the first time I’ve used it in a cocktail.
I then rummaged for some chocolate bitters and found these chocolate and coffee ones from Crude Bitters and they seemed perfect for the task at hand.

The recipes I used was:
– 15ml of Chocolate shot
– 30 drops of the bitters
– 1 can of Guinness stirred in

The end result was a delicious drink with all the dark bitterness of Guinness with a chocolate hit and a chocolate and coffee finish.

It’s a perfect ‘dessert cocktail’ if you don’t have too sweet a tooth though you could add extra chocolate shot if wanted.



10 Mar

Continuing my quest for a beer cocktail for week 2 of 52 weeks of mixology on Reddit I headed to Google and looked for Guinness cocktails.

One of the results was Guinness’ website and there I found the recipe for a Midnight:
– 35ml port
– 1 can of Guinness



The resulting drink is definitely mainly Guinness but with a hint of the port- on the first sip you get a hit of slight sweetness and a slight smell and taste of the port.
Overall its not a drastic change but the drink is less bitter and ‘dark’ than just Guinness with more body and a hint of fruity sweetness.


25 Apr

Last year we were delighted to discover Mark Burger in Manhattan, New York.


Sliders and Guinness milkshake

Sliders and Guinness milkshake

Over the course of our trip we dined many times on sliders, and Guinness milkshakes, and on the first evening of our trip back this year it seemed fitting to begin our visit to the city exactly as we left it last time.

The internet is full of recipes for making your on Guinness milkshake and most involve boiling Guinness to reduce it to a syrup, adding sugar if desired, and combining this with ice-cream in a blender.

Being far too lazy for that, and wanting more of the taste of Guinness,Ā  I had a lot of success last year simpy adding the stout to ice-cream and blending.

I can also report that it also works well, and is very popular, with Amaretto, Baileys… and more.


Give it a try and make your summer!

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