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Advent 2017 – Day 5

5 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Ledger’s Licorice Tonic Water

This has a fantastic smell of sweet liquorice with lots of fennel – very tempting!

I’m a liquorice lover so was looking forward to this but the smell even tempted the liquorice-haters (until I told them it was liquorice that is!)

Tasted by itself this is delicious. Liquorice and bitter tonic combine well and the very subtle sweetness works very nicely.

With gin it’s still nice but it overpowers the gin quite a bit. Not so much that there’s no point having the gin, which has happened with some of the tonics, but in future I’d use it much more sparingly

16 Little Black Pigs rose 2017 (link is to 2016)

This smells lovely. Sweetish and fruity. Figs and warm apricots.

Taste wise it lives up to its smell but is more watered-down than its smell leads you to expect but enjoyable and goes down very easily


Flavoured Vodka Part One

23 Oct

I’m planning a vodka tasting evening soon (it’ll be a blind tasting ) and though I’ve gathered a few different ones for us to try I thought it’d be good to make done of my own.

A lot of Googling has brought me a varied list I thought I’d attempt and today I began the process of making¬† them.

Today’s varieties are carrot, tomato and liquorice.

I’m just using 350 ml of vodka for each one as in total there will be at least 14 different ones and I doubt we’ll get through 750ml of each!

The basic recipes I’ve gone for are:

1 1/2 large carrots peeled (this us optional) and then finely ribboned. This was placed in a large glass jar and 350ml of vodka poured over.

1/2 pound of tomatoes each one cut into 8 pieces and placed in large glass jar. 350ml of vodka poured over.

I bought some delicious bars of liquorice and cut up 2 1/2 bars into z jar and poured 350 ml of vodka over.

I’m going test each over every day (shaking to mix) and see how the flavours develop. I’m expecting the carrot and tomato ones to be mixing for a week or so but the liquorice I may just leave for a day or do.

I’ll post back with the results as they develop.


Todays potions

Todays potions



18 hours in-
Carrot and tomato are developing taste of their ingredients. Liquorice has full taste and colour so I’ve strained it through a coffee filter and bottled it to prevent the taste getting too overpowering if I left it any longer.


Straining the liquorice

Straining the liquorice

The liquorice all bottled

The liquorice all bottled

Tiger Tail Ice-Cream

23 Jun

I’m travelling in Canada at the moment and we’ve popped out for a walk and some ice-cream. Usually I’d be unable to resist the lure of coffee ice-cream but once I’d spotted Tiger Tail on the menu and been told it was a mix of liquorice and orange there’s was no way that wasn’t going to be what I ordered.


It lived up to its promise and was a weird mix of liquorice and orange that bemused my tastebuds but pleased them at the same time. Sadly it left an awful lingering plastic and rubber after-taste but I’m hoping that was just this brand and that if I ever see it on the menu again I can try it and fall in love.

Or maybe one day I’ll even make it.

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