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Caravan at Exmouth Market

24 Apr

After my Cherry Heering experience I needed food & coffee and as my next appointment was in Exmouth Market I headed to Caravan.

Here I ordered ‘crispy salt-chilli tofu, ong Chou, fermented black beans and sesame’ and ‘pan-fried mackerel, pine-nuts, preserved lemon, sultanas and capers’ with a ‘Jamie Casilas coffee shrub’ to wash it down.

The food was good- if expensive for what you get (these were ‘small plates’ at £8 and £8.50 respectively) and both has more garnish & style than substance.

The shrub was good (I’d hope so at £3.50 for a very small glass) with a very mild coffee taste and a stronger, very nice, vinegaryness to it.

Still hungry I ordered ‘grilled pineapple, sumac custard, oat and Brazil nut crumb, cardamom ‘ (£6.50)  and this was much more successful (and a bit more filling). The taste was fresh, more savoury than sweet, and very moreish. The portion was better than the small plates and went well with a nice coffee.

All in all in it was nice but with a bill for £32.96 with tip (and no booze!) this is too much expensive style over more filling substance for my liking


Coffee Tequila 

5 Jul

I discovered coffee tequila existed recently and am finally trying it – and it was worth the wait!Rich and smooth this drink from Patron has a coffee kick & taste with a subtle, smooth tequila warmth.

Mr Black Coffee Liquer

18 Jun

Oh yum! As someone who loves coffee & booze but isn’t such a fan of sweetness I’ve been searching for a good coffee liqueur and I think I’ve found it in Mr Black Coffee Liqueur.

It has a real coffee kick with a balanced mix of bitter & sweet. Delicious over ice and I look forward to trying it in cocktails.

Coffee Negroni

5 Jun

Negroni week starts tomorrow but I’m getting in early with a drink I’ve wanted to make for months, ever since I had a version at Kobrick Coffee Co  New York.

Sadly all googling of a Coffee Negroni had me worried about the fanciness of my coffee, my lack of a degree in cold-brew-coffee-ology and unsure if making a version at home was possible for a mere mortal such as myself.

In the end I decided to give it a go and combined equal parts Campari, gin, sweet vermouth and cold coffee (I made a medium shot using my Nespresso machine but I’d advocate you using whatever you have, even instant)

And bam – a drink that knocked my socks off with its delicious, bitter depths. The coffee seems such a natural companion that it makes me wonder how I was ever satisfied with Negronis before. 

Seriously, try it and see. And whatever you do, don’t let fear of coffee snobbery stop you from experimenting.

Now I’m curling up for the night with wonderful drink and reading about Negronis ready for the week.

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