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Return To Hawksmoor

23 Aug


Hawksmoor is one of my favourite restaurants to visit (any branch will do tonight we were at Air Street) and tonight they didn’t let us down.
Of course we were there for the food (pictured are the fried Queenies we began with) but the drinks aren’t a mere second here. The cocktail menu was the first we asked for…

I began with a Hawksmoor Collins (Gin, Campari, Orange Bitters & Lemon, topped with Soda) and ended with a Sherry Cobbler (Manzanilla Sherry churned with Citrus Fruits). Both were delicious but the cobbler was unlike any drink I’d had before-wonderful and weird at the same time.¬† As I sipped my mouth was filled with sherry, then fruit, then sherry, then fruit and so on., The two flavours didn’t seem to mix at all which was unexpected and unusual.

I can see I might have to return to try another and see if it’s just as strange and addicitive.


Trio D’Vie

20 Aug


I like beer and I like Eau de Vie so when offered the two combined I couldn’t resist trying it.

Lunch was at and the beer on offer was brewed by Brasserie De La Somme and called Trio D’Vie . You can see it on this page where it is described as:

“A special beer in exclusivity: it is full-bodied, it swings… As its name indicates, it is subtly flavoured with the 3 waters of life! (Cognac, Calvados and Poir√©). It is a triple triple amber beer”

A very rough translation!

The beer was pretty strong at 7.7% but was light and refreshing to drink. There was a definite fruit and spirit taste to the drink and the flavours combined nicely.

Here are some websites where you can purchase it.

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