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Rhubarb Negroni

7 Jun

With my love of Negronis and rhubarb it’s a wonder it’s taken me this long to mix them.

I’ve written about Zucca Rabarbaro before and I still have a strong love for it and was delighted when I found this recipe:

  • 1 1/4 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • 3/4 oz. Zucca Rabarbaro

All stiredover ice

The end result is lovely. The burnt sugar flavour of the Rabarbaro adds a depth and reveals a slight bitterness which will leave you wanting more.


Cola and Ginger

2 May

It’s week 8 of 52 weeks of mixology and this week’s theme is cola.

I usually drink cola just with lots of bitters in it, or with rum and lime but for this week I thought I’d try something new (and sadly no limes in the house).

Not knowing what to pair it with I searched through my booze for something I fancied and chose Kings Ginger. Knowing rhubarb and ginger are lovely together I added in some rhubarb bitters and came up with this:

  • 1.5 oz Kings Ginger

  • 5oz Cola

  • 30 drops of bitters (it needed this much to cut through all the sweetness- I could really have done with a lime!)

All stirred over ice


The end result is mildly gingery- vanillay and very moreish!

Lunch at Incanto

22 Mar

Incanto in Harrow has recently become my favourite restaurant and on our first Saturday together, and not working in what feels like ages, it felt like the perfect way for Mr Bitter and I to treat ourselves.

From the second you walk in here you can’t help but  enjoy yourself. From the friendly welcome to the light and airy dining room as soon as we sat down we began to relax.

Incanto offers a fixed price menu for lunch Tuesday- Saturday and dinner Tuesday- Friday. They also offer a full ala carte menu and 2 tasting menus. The fixed price at lunch is just £17.95 for 2 courses or £19.95 for 3 and at dinner that rises to just £19.95 and £23.95 respectively. But good value is no good without good food and I have to say that fortunately Incanto excel themselves at food and it is then you realise just how good the prices are.

Today we ate:

3 varieties of delicious bread served with olive oil which I washed down with a very tasty Rhubarb Bellini plus an amuse bouche of asparagus foam with polenta chips


We then both had an incredible risotto which managed to combine fresh spring flavours (it was packed with of peas and spring greens) with intense creaminess.


My main course was goats cheese ravioli, whilst Mr Bitter had chicken breast. By now we vere too busy raving over the food to remember to take a photo.

For desert I had their delicious, and beautiful, olive oil cake served with rhubarb (god I love rhubarb and no matter what else on the menu tempts me I just can’t seem to resist it) and rhubarb and custard ice-cream. The cake was warm and moist- on the cake side of a nice light brioche and not too sweet or dense. In fact it was light as air and combined nicely with all its accompaniments. Mr Bitter had a variety of home made ice-creams including a chocolate one whose light appearance belied just how strong a chocolate flavour it held.


Fully satiated I finished with a coffee and sad to say we were just too full to enjoy the incredible petit fours which came out at the end (ok we each found room for one of the little custard filled cream puffs)


I really can’t urge you enough to visit Incanto. The food is extraordinary, the servce wonderful and the surroundings beautiful. I can’t wait to return.

Zucca Rabarbaro

11 Jan

Until recently Zucca Rabarbaro was unknown to me. But I love rhubarb and when I spotted it whilst browsing Masters of Malt (as you do) I couldn’t resist adding a botle to my cart. If that is out of stock they also have plenty of other Zuccas available.

According to Wikipedia,  Zucca is an Italian aperitif with a base of rhubarb often mixed with ice and water.


On its own the drink is slightly bitter with a strong burnt sugar taste. It tastes ‘dark’ and the sweetness is cut through with a mild bitterness and a treacy/ burnt sugar taste which is very pleasant. The smell and taste are like a much milder Campari but with less herbs and bitters. A nice dirnk which I would imagine would appeal to more palates than Campari does.


I wanted a longer drink with a bit of fizz and fortunately had some Prosecco in the fridge so combined the two so see what I got and was really pleased. The Prosecco easy overpowered the Zucca though so it needed a lot more than you would think. Combined they made a refreshing and unusual drink.

Ikea Shopping

22 Sep

I’m always on the look out for different drinks so a trip to IKEA was no exception.

I managed to bag elderflower, rhubarb and blueberry cordials to use in future cocktails as well as a new dark beer they sell. As you can see the beer didn’t last long enough for the photo!


The beer has a smooth caramel and coffee taste but was a lot lighter/ less substantial than other dark beers but I wouldn’t turn it down.

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