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Rosa Mexicano

7 May

There are many reason I could recommend Rosa Mexicano– their decor and drinks being just two.

Some of Rosa Mexicano's decor

Some of Rosa Mexicano’s decor

But the main one, and the one that it was sold to us on is their guacamole.

The guacamole!

The guacamole!

Made fresh in front of you, and with a choice as to its spiciness, it is incredible. Fresh, tasty, salty, creamy and moreish if you ever get there I heartily recommend it. We always seem to go at least twice when in New York and it’s not unknown for us to just order two bowls of this.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get to the restaurant then they have kindly put their recipe online and fortunately it’s just as good- I and numerous guests I’ve fed it to over the years can attest to this.



Molecular Cocktails Class

6 May

Having enjoyed ourselves so much last night at Sanctuary T we were pleased when our teacher, Ben Pare, told us he could run a Molecular Cocktails class… so 24 hours later we’re back and ready to learn.


The evening began with a delicious Chai latte and crostino with homemade burrata.



Then we moved onto the serious business of cocktail making. The theme of the evening was beginning with a basic cocktail and then playing with the formula and techniques to alter it.

The drink we began with was a variation of an Il Sorpasso and contained:

  • 2oz Aperol
  • 1oz Bourbon
  • 1oz Honey syrup
  • Prosecco
  • Rosemary sprig

Over the course of the evening we lenghtened the drink, turned it into a dessert by setting it with agar agar and then turned it back into a drink again with the addition of a pressurized egg-white and alcohol foam and bitters.











Tea Cocktails

5 May

We’re still in New York and I thought I’d look into any cocktail events and found out about Mixology: Learn to make tea infused cocktails at Sanctuary T so we headed there this evening.

Over the course of the evening Ben Pare taught us 4 different cocktails (a mix of gin, whiskey and tequila based) using different teas and tea powders and at the end we made our own concoction inspired by what we’d learnt.


teac cocktails_03

teac cocktails_04

teac cocktails_02

Saxon + Parole Again

3 May

Saxon + Parole is a restaurant I just can’t seem to stay away from. Since first discovering it nearly 4 years ago we’ve made sure to visit it at least twice on each trip back to New York.

Tonight we popped in for dinner and dined on pea soup, brussel sprouts, a burger and a salad- all washed down with plenty of gin & tonics- heaven!

Salad & burger

Salad & burger

Soup & sprouts

Soup & sprouts

Gin & tonic

Gin & tonic


There is something about this place that makes it seem able to perform magic with whatever ingredients they’re given. In their hands food and drink become more flavourful no matter how pared back the recipe- I can’t recomment it enough.

No Names To Protect The Not-So Innocent

2 May

The weather in New York at the moment is hot- very hot- and almost every day I have walked by a shop advertising beer ice lollies- what could be nicer?

Take my advice and steer clear!

Take my advice and steer clear!

Well the answer is anything but these. Unfortunately when frozen many things lose their sweetness, and alcohol seems to especially suffer from this. I’m guessing the beer used wasn’t sweet to begin with so the end result was the opposite of sweet but without any of the pleasure of a well-balanced bitter drink. I can’t believe the people selling these had actually tasted them as they were vile- the concoction tasted ugly bitter, gone-off and had no pleasure in them at all- and I can drink some weird and foul-tasting shit. This I had to throw away.

An ice-cold beer from the fridge just about made up for the horror of what I had tasted.


Pinche Taqueria

2 May

We discovered Pinche Taqueria on our trip to New York last year as we walked by it on a day out and soon returned the next day to feast on their freshly cooked Mexican food. So a return visit this year was definitely on the cards and today we managed it.

Their menu encompasses a wide range of freshly made dishes and many specials for lunch etc.

This year we dined on fish tacos, yucca fries, quesadillas and tamales all washed down with Negra Modelo.

Our Pinche Taqueria feast

Our Pinche Taqueria feast

I am eternally in search of somewhere in London that produces fresh, flavourful Mexican food such as this with it being so anglicised and carb-laiden beyond all recognition. I can only dream.


Death & Co

1 May

Death & Co is a bar we’ve been trying to get to visit for years. Even though we have stayed right by it in New York many times it always seems our attempts to visit combine with them having unannounced closures for private parties etc and we have to wait another year to try again. They don’t take reservations and all my attempts to ring and make sure they’re open result in nothing so I decided if we didn’t make it in this year I’d give up trying. Fortunately I’m more patient than that and although once again it was closed when we tried we gave it a second (or maybe 8th) chance and fortunately our attempt this time worked and we finally got to visit the bar everyone raves about.

After perusing the menu I chose a Heart Throb (Flor De Caña 4 Year Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Combier Pamplemousse Rosé, Cinnamon Syrup) and it was good.

Heart Throb

Heart Throb

But sadly after waiting so long the bar didn’t do anything to capture us. Maybe we came on a bad night but it was dead and the atmosphere a real turn off. The two other customers and the staff didn’t seem like they wanted to be there and soon enough we felt the same and left.

Our drinks were good and maybe we or the bar were having a bad night so I’ll be sure to try again on my next visit- assuming I can catch them open.

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