Trio D’Vie

20 Aug


I like beer and I like Eau de Vie so when offered the two combined I couldn’t resist trying it.

Lunch was at and the beer on offer was brewed by Brasserie De La Somme and called Trio D’Vie . You can see it on this page where it is described as:

“A special beer in exclusivity: it is full-bodied, it swings… As its name indicates, it is subtly flavoured with the 3 waters of life! (Cognac, Calvados and Poiré). It is a triple triple amber beer”

A very rough translation!

The beer was pretty strong at 7.7% but was light and refreshing to drink. There was a definite fruit and spirit taste to the drink and the flavours combined nicely.

Here are some websites where you can purchase it.


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