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Cherry Heering

24 Apr

Cherry Heering is a name, but not a taste, that I know well.

Spend any amount of time on Diffords and you’ll come across it as an ingredient in many cocktails and for a long time I’ve been meaning to get some so I could increase my repartee, but the time was never right.

So when the opportunity for a Cherry Heering masterclass came up I leapt at it and today headed off to the Bethal Green branch of London Cocktail Club (ignore Google maps! It’s closer to the station than they make it seem hence my wandering alleyways for a good 20 minutes) to learn more about this liqueur.

I then spent an enjoyable couple of hours trying the drink itself, and also combined with 12 other spirits, to taste its effect and I definitely left a convert.

The drink itself is very nice, sweet but balanced, and with a depth that raises it above other liqueurs. Add a touch of sour (a squeeze of lime say) and serve over ice for a refreshing drink.

I’m going to get some and experiment with it as I think it will be lovely when hit with some sour and lengthened with soda water for the summer. I also plan to make the Pogo Lounge Singapore Sling  by Rhys Wilson of Happiness Forgets that we tried today- maybe my new favourite cocktail… and I always appreciate a new way to use Cynar

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