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Caravan at Exmouth Market

24 Apr

After my Cherry Heering experience I needed food & coffee and as my next appointment was in Exmouth Market I headed to Caravan.

Here I ordered ‘crispy salt-chilli tofu, ong Chou, fermented black beans and sesame’ and ‘pan-fried mackerel, pine-nuts, preserved lemon, sultanas and capers’ with a ‘Jamie Casilas coffee shrub’ to wash it down.

The food was good- if expensive for what you get (these were ‘small plates’ at £8 and £8.50 respectively) and both has more garnish & style than substance.

The shrub was good (I’d hope so at £3.50 for a very small glass) with a very mild coffee taste and a stronger, very nice, vinegaryness to it.

Still hungry I ordered ‘grilled pineapple, sumac custard, oat and Brazil nut crumb, cardamom ‘ (£6.50)  and this was much more successful (and a bit more filling). The taste was fresh, more savoury than sweet, and very moreish. The portion was better than the small plates and went well with a nice coffee.

All in all in it was nice but with a bill for £32.96 with tip (and no booze!) this is too much expensive style over more filling substance for my liking

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