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Shaken Cocktails- Manhattan

23 Sep

I love cocktails and I love getting things in the post so when I first heard about Shaken Cocktails/ Cocktails by Post I signed up ASAP.

The premise is that for £29 a month (or save £5 on your first one by clicking here! ) you’ll be sent all the ingredients to make two different but related cocktails (at least 2 of each one) along with the recipes and extra information.

Today my first package arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed with the contents. The kit contained whiskey, 2 different sweet vermouths (Noilly Prat and Antica Formula) as well as a dry (Noilly Prat) Cognac, 2 different bitters (Angostura and Bob’s orange) as well as brandied cherries and a jigger.


The basic Manhattan recipe (given in a much more detailed format in the booklet included) is from Felix Cohen of Manhattans Project:

  • 40mm of Rye whiskey
  • 10ml red Antica Formula
  • 5ml dry Noilly Prat
  • A dash of each of the bitters


The resulting drink was fantastic- a marked improvement on previous Manhattan’s I’ve had. Strong, sweet and bitter I’ve already added this to my favourite cocktails list

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