Deconstructed Negroni

9 Jun

Another drink for Negroni Week and this time it’s a Deconstructed Negroni from the Eric Felten book ‘How’s your drink’The recipe is:

  • 1 1/2 oz gin
  • 11/2 Lillet Blanc

Stirred over ice and then topped with a foam made of:

  • 1 egg white 
  • 2oz strained grapefruit juice
  • 1oz Aperol
  • 2 tsp orange bitters

I whisked the egg white until stiff then added the other ingredients and continued whisking. 

This makes a delicious drink with a lovely, tasty foam. After a few sips I poured the separated foam into the rest of the drink- delicious!


Por Do Sol Negroni

8 Jun

For Negroni Week my second drink of the day is a Por Do Sol courtesy of Imbibe.

The recipe is:


The end result is oh so bitter with a warmth and sweetness from the Cachaca.


Negroni Futurista

8 Jun

For Negroni Week I’m enjoying a Negroni Futurista from Gaz Regan‘s wonderful negroni book.

The recipe is:

  • 1 part Sloe gin
  • 1 part Fino sherry
  • 1 part Campari

All stirred over ice.


The end result is very bitter, dry and fruity – and very enjoyable.

Negroni Popsicles

8 Jun

In celebration of Negroni Week and the heatwave London’s having at the moment I made some Negroni Popsicles.

I used white/ yellow grapefruits hence the colour difference but they gave them an added bitterness which is great to counteract the sugar in the recipe.


These are amazing and I’ll be sure to always have some on standby this summer.


Rhubarb Negroni

7 Jun

With my love of Negronis and rhubarb it’s a wonder it’s taken me this long to mix them.

I’ve written about Zucca Rabarbaro before and I still have a strong love for it and was delighted when I found this recipe:

  • 1 1/4 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • 3/4 oz. Zucca Rabarbaro

All stiredover ice

The end result is lovely. The burnt sugar flavour of the Rabarbaro adds a depth and reveals a slight bitterness which will leave you wanting more.

Caricature Cocktail 

7 Jun

Enjoying Negroni Week with this caricature cocktail from Gaz Regan’s wonderful negroni book .The recipe is:

  • 1 1/2 gin
  • 1/2 sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 fresh grapefruit
  • 1/2 Campari
  • 3/4 Cointreau

The result is a grapefruity Negroni with less of a bitter kick but nicely moreish

Coffee Negroni

5 Jun

Negroni week starts tomorrow but I’m getting in early with a drink I’ve wanted to make for months, ever since I had a version at Kobrick Coffee Co  New York.

Sadly all googling of a Coffee Negroni had me worried about the fanciness of my coffee, my lack of a degree in cold-brew-coffee-ology and unsure if making a version at home was possible for a mere mortal such as myself.

In the end I decided to give it a go and combined equal parts Campari, gin, sweet vermouth and cold coffee (I made a medium shot using my Nespresso machine but I’d advocate you using whatever you have, even instant)

And bam – a drink that knocked my socks off with its delicious, bitter depths. The coffee seems such a natural companion that it makes me wonder how I was ever satisfied with Negronis before. 

Seriously, try it and see. And whatever you do, don’t let fear of coffee snobbery stop you from experimenting.

Now I’m curling up for the night with wonderful drink and reading about Negronis ready for the week.

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