Virgin wines advent calendar update

3 Jan

So, after realising Virgin gave me 2 of the same wine in the advent calendar I contacted them to ask for a list of what should be in there and say I’d got the same wine twice.

Their response was:

Hi Jean,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Unfortunately we are unable to give a full list out to customers, but we do hold a list of each wine for each day of the Advent Calendar, so if you could provide the wines you received and which one you had two of we can look into this for you.

All the best and sorry for any inconveniences caused’

So they have a list but can’t provide it- seems odd…

So I sent them a link to this site and told them I’d received the Savvie Sauvignon Blanc twice did they responded with:

Good evening Jean,

I hope this email finds you well.

Thank-you for confirming the duplicate.

I have indeed had a look on your blog, what a great idea to inform people about so many drinks!

May I ask whether your calendar was purchased with us, or with Amazon?
The calendars did actually vary slightly, and I can confirm that the Amazon calendar was indeed supposed to have the Savvie Marlborough in both doors 12 and 22.

If you purchased from us directly, please do provide us with the order number so that we can resolve this for you and get the correct wine sent out.

If there is anything more we can help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

(List of contact details)

Kind regards,

Courtney Cox | Customer Service Advisor’

So apparently though the amazon listing (I did buy it on amazon) says:

24 wine windows featuring 24 of our customer favourite, highest-rated wines

They now say there was only ever meant to be 23 different ones…

So, did they make a mistake by putting the same one in twice and then a mistake in their email saying it was intentional?

Or did they put the wrong information on the amazon listing?

Why do they only do this with the one sold on amazon but not on their site?

We’ll see what they come back with next…


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