Advent 2017 – Day 24

24 Dec

Today’s drinks are:

Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic Water

When opened this smells of fizzy refresher sweets from my childhood. All sugar and fake flavourings.

Thankfully when tasted it’s much better. It’s very bitter and full of quinine the cranberry adds sourness and the ginger adds a warmth which lingers after drinking.

With gin it’s not as nice – the bitterness is less fresh and becomes a stale, aggressive bitterness and the drink tastes full of fake flavouring.

Senti Extra Dry Prosecco

This is a very dry prosecco which is perfect as an aperitif. Full of sharp bubbles and sharp freshness.

We’ve really enjoyed the wine advent calendar and tasting 23 different wines (so annoying it wasn’t 24!) we’d not had before. There were many we didn’t like – and some we had to throw away as they were so undrinkable BUT some we absolutely loved and we appreciated being able to try different drinks and learn more abbreviated wines and our likes & dislikes along the way. We definitely hope to do this again but maybe with a different company so as to not risk repetition (I mean if they repeat wines in the same year what’s the odds they’ll have some of the same ones next year?)

Tasting 24 different tonics was a real treat too. It was nice to break out of our usual tonic buying and explore different flavours and brands. It also gave us a daily opportunity to sit, taste & chat and learn more about what we liked, or didn’t like, and why.

This we’ll definitely do again.

I sourced all my tonics at importonics (they have mixed packs which I split and gifted a tonic advent calendar to a friend) and in a few months I’ll start looking to build up my stash for next time!


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