New Negroni recipe

10 Mar

My Shaken Cocktails box arrived yesterday and knowing it was based on a Negroni I was eager to dive in.


The box contains:
– Dodd’s gin
– Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
– Cynar
– St-germain
– Sugar syrup
– recipes for two different cocktails and the ingredients are enough to make 2-3 of each one
All for the amazing price of £24!!
I’m really behind in writing this blog as there’s never enough hours in the day but I’ve got months worth of posts raving about Shaken Cocktails to upload but suffice to say I really recommend them. For just £24 a month you get to make 4 cocktails (though in my experience it’s usually at least 6) learn new recipes and techniques, discover new favourites (I’m addicted to the Margarita and Daiquiris & their variations I’ve discovered) and try new ingredients- all in the comfort if your own home.

Continuing my recent Negroni theme I decided to dive in and try that first as the recipe used was a new one to me and I was intrigued to see how it compared, with its use of Cynar, to the Stolen Negroni and Negroni Tredici I recently wrote about.

The included recipe is:
– 30ml gin
– 30ml Cocchi
– 15ml Cynar

All stirred over ice and more Cynar added if needed


The resulting drink is delicious. The smaller amount of Cynar makes fir a more rounded drink- it’s less overpowered by the herbal bitterness.
The sweet, flavourful vermouth also adds to the drink and brings a fruitful aspect.
This vermouth is new to me but I’ll be interested to try it again.

In conclusion out of all my recent Negroni variation experiments this one comes closest to challenging the original.


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