Paul A Young Chocolate

15 Oct

I love chocolate. My go to are dark and strong (preferably 90% upwards) but some days I crave the sugar fix of Dairy Milk and nothing else will do.

One sadness to me is that more companies don’t do filled or flavoured high cocoa choocolates but one that does is Paul A Young.

I don’t often get a chance to visit them but today I did and had a hard time making my choices.

Their range of fresh chocolates varies from week to week so you never know what they’ll have (though the Marmite seems to be a perennial) and over the years I have fallen in love with some (a memorable marzipan covered kirsch cherry springs to mind) only to never see them again.

But today I picked just 3 different flavours (at £7 for 4 making a wider choice soon becomes expensive. Not that they’re not worth it, just a more considered purchase that other chocolate).

I went with 2 x Marmite (I adore this and have never tasted Marmite used in a better way), slow-roasted garlic and cigar-smoke.


All were delicious and a tantalising mix of sweet and savoury with an amazing depth of flavour.

They have 4 branches in London but also have some of their range available on Craved making it easier for everyone to get to enjoy them.



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