No Names To Protect The Not-So Innocent

2 May

The weather in New York at the moment is hot- very hot- and almost every day I have walked by a shop advertising beer ice lollies- what could be nicer?

Take my advice and steer clear!

Take my advice and steer clear!

Well the answer is anything but these. Unfortunately when frozen many things lose their sweetness, and alcohol seems to especially suffer from this. I’m guessing the beer used wasn’t sweet to begin with so the end result was the opposite of sweet but without any of the pleasure of a well-balanced bitter drink. I can’t believe the people selling these had actually tasted them as they were vile- the concoction tasted ugly bitter, gone-off and had no pleasure in them at all- and I can drink some weird and foul-tasting shit. This I had to throw away.

An ice-cold beer from the fridge just about made up for the horror of what I had tasted.



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