Return To Amor Y Amargo

29 Apr

I first visited Amor Y Amargo nearly 4 years ago and the experience as so bad I had no intention of ever going back. A very drunk and sloppy bar maid meant the drinks were poor and the service poorer. But now some time has passed we figured we’d give it another go.

This time we tried a gin & tonic and a Di Pompelmo. The drinks were a lot better- great in fact- but the bar seems to suffer from its own success as it was packed yet uninviting. It seemed its reputation and hipster-vibe was enough to fill it and no-one seemed interested in making us welcome (we had to search and ask multiple times for menus) and after just one drink (we planned on more but gave up after many attempts to order another) we headed off to find somewhere where the drinks may not be as good but at least we were wanted.

It was such a shame as a bar specialising in bitter drinks and amaro is just the type of place I’d love to visit more whilst exploring their menu and bottles but I guess two bad visits is enough to convince me not to try again.



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