Just One Of Those Nights

11 Mar

This evening was hosted by The London Cocktail Society andwhilst it began as good as their other events things soon took a turn for the strange…


The evening was going great, and everyone was having a lovely time enjoying their Martin Miller’s gin and experimenting with different garnishes and botanicals to see which they felt paired well with their gin & tonic, when suddenly, and sadly, everything took a turn for the worse as robbers broke in (after throwing rocks, using a crowbar and shooting at the door they eventually realised it wasn’t even locked!). Fortunately we were upstairs and didn’t see it taking place but the noise and realisation was more than enough to send shock and terror through the group. Ridiculously the evening had been so well planned and full of treats that at first it appeared this was some kind of crazy entertainment, but the screams and shots soon put paid to that idea.

The rest of the evening went in a blur of listening to police helicopters and waiting to be released to go home by armed police.

Very annoyingly, my bodyand trapped Vagus nerve let me down and nausea, vomiting, shivers and general confusion and disorientation were the order of the day for the next 48 or so hours. So sadly I can’t bring you a full recap of events but you can read a great one here.



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