7 Jul



I first came across Underberg innocently sitting on the supermaket shelf in its cute little bottle and promising bitters and herbal flavours.

So when I naively decided to try some I wasn’t expecting what hit me. This stuff is potent! Not only is it strong in alcohol (44%) it’s super strong in taste.

Herbal bitters crossed with neat alcohol mixed with a warming sensation (it always gives me a hot flush) creates a taste that must be doing you good as its hard to get enjoyment out of it was my conclusion.

Yet it’s strangely addictive….

I went onto buying a tin of 12 bottles in Duty Free and discovered inside the joy that is the Underberg collections. If you save enough bottle lids you too can own a special Underbeg glass (96 tops), carrying twin tin (48 tops) or even truck which holds 24 bottles and has personalised number plates (336 tops).

So far I have 10 tops.

I have tried getting anyone who visits to drink one with the promise they can keep the bottle (but of course not the top) but no-one has fallen for it twice so my collection is slow growing.

I may have to resort to trying some Underberg cocktails to one day earn my truck:

Untier of Knots (Underberg with rum, pineapple, Scotch, Madeira and more Scotch- all working to disguide that crazy taste I’m sure)

Make way for Underberg article

Underberg cocktails (I take no responsibility for what happens if you drink any of these. Especially if you mix it with milk!)

The Afterbird (Underberg, Tabasco, espresso and more…)

The Red Light (Underberg, Bols Genever and Grand Marnier)

Some Underberg Links:

A truly strange Underberg advert

An Underberg cocktail on Eating Icecream in the Dark

Article on Cask Strength What is Underberg and why is it so amazing

Underberg an appreciation

Off the presses- Underberg

Spirits Review- Underberg

Food Riot- An Ode to Underberg


One Response to “Underberg”

  1. Susan July 17, 2015 at 3:29 pm #

    Any 1 got the adress were u can send the lids to. To revieve higts plz xx

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